Traveling Gavel

gavel-300x243The Traveling Gavel of the 29th Masonic District was lost in time.  But due to the efforts of Jerry Honeycutt of Truth Lodge 749 in Monroe it was resurrected in around 2002.  After the death of this Brother the Traveling Gavel was named in his honor.  The Jerry Honeycutt Memorial Traveling Gavel  was designed to promote fellowship, comradery, and brotherly love and visitation between the Lodges of the 29th Masonic District of North Carolina.

There are 3 simple rules to obtain the Jerry Honeycutt Traveling Gavel from the Lodge currently possessing it.

1.     A Lodge desiring to get The Gavel should attend a Stated Meeting of the Lodge currently in possession and bringing 5 members or more.

2.     In the event of a tie, if multiple Lodges are in attendance, then the Lodge that has Traveled the furthest gets it.

3.     No Lodge may take the Traveling Gavel from a Lodge that it shares a common building with.